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How to clean blinds?

All our products can be cleaned by dusting or carefully vacuuming.

A number of blinds can be cleaned by using a mild cleaning solution:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Shutters
  • Vertical blinds with water resistant louvres
  • Roller blinds with a water resistant fabric

Always test in an inconspicuous area first and be convinced that your blind dries without staining, fading or leaving water marks (the visible residue left by mineral deposits in dried water) and take extra care when spot cleaning.

Curtains and roman blinds should be carefully vacuum cleaned. Other blinds can be vacuumed as well but only with gentle suction. Always use a soft brush attachment suitable for the job.

Roman blinds can not be dry cleaned.

Dos & Don'ts

Be gentle. Use a feather duster or compressed air.
Don't disturb or rub your blind.
Use a dry, soft and lint-free cloth or microfibre cleaning cloth.
Don't use paper towels or any abrasive substance.
Use a lukewarm and slightly damp cloth or baby wipes.
Don't use excessive moisture and don't add too much heat.
Dilute only a little bit of mild detergent or washing-up liquid.
Don't bleach and don't use solvents or ammonia.
Gently wipe in a downward motion from top to bottom.
Don't rinse or scrub.
Extract or absorb any dirt and cleaning residue and let your blind fully dry before use.
Don't leave your blind wet.