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Create a homely atmosphere and feel warm, cosy and comfortable. Curtains can have great thermal properties.

Choose any type of curtain. All our curtains are made to the highest standards.

Curtains are an ever popular window dressing a home can’t do without.

Matching colours

Create a unified and harmonious feel by matching curtains to your blinds and furniture.

We can help you achieve the look you have in mind with a wide range of fabrics and colours for curtains and blinds alike. You can also provide your own fabric.

A matching curtain track or pole can be provided and fitted as well. You can also re-use an existing one or provide your own.

Configuration options

  • Non-blackout, blackout
  • With or without interlining
  • Tie-backs or hold-backs

Most popular:

  • Ceiling mounted wave curtain without tie-backs
  • Wall mounted eyelet curtain without tie-backs

Wave curtains on a metropole fitted to the wall are becoming more popular.


Don’t dismiss interlining as just an option to boost thermal efficiency.

An interlining gives body with fuller pleats which improves the overall look and feel of your curtains.

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